There's not much that you can't do at The Ned - eat (9 restaurants), drink, pamper yourself, swim, get a haircut, gawp at the splendour of it all. And host events. With a dedicated event space on floor six, the Ned caters for events of all sizes from smaller meetings and dinners to weddings and banquets. 

It's a great location, close to Bank station so very easy to get there and get home. The Ned events team is a model of efficiency. And the catering was excellent. 

If you're considering it for an event, bear in mind that: it's booked for months in advance - you need to plan well ahead; the minimum spend for each room is high; daytime meetings need to end at 5pm and evening events start at 6pm. There's no flexibility to end a meeting at 5:30 unless you've booked that same room all evening; the lifts are very small so if you prefer to see your presentations on large LED screens, the maximum size is 55".

It's popular right now and the guest experience was excellent at a recent event, so it's worth trying to make it work even if the set up isn't  perfect. But my feeling is that they need to work hard on the bits that niggle -  because they won't be the new hotel on the block for much longer and need to offer more flexibility if they value repeat business.