I love Breakfast out. With clients, with friends, for an event or all alone. Breakfast out is delicious.

During the week, for business meetings it is a great use of time. No one feels guilty about time away from the office. In fact, it feels positively virtuous to have been so productive so early in the day. 

When you are meeting colleagues travelling internationally, breakfast is often a good time to talk before the brain mist of jet lag kicks in. It is socially acceptable to drown yourself in caffeine free of any judgement. 

I also enjoy the fascinating particularity of breakfast orders. The casually sumptuous language of breakfast food - freshly squeezed, on the side, over easy, buttered toast, crispy. So early in the day, we know exactly what we want and how we want it. This mindset leads to open discussions with maximum productivity.

Eggs are best cooked to individual tastes. So can you offer a good breakfast for multiple people? Yes, abundance and choice is key. Just as we define our day with the specifics of the individual egg order, watch how people arrange their selections from a breakfast smorgasbord. Fruit first ,fruit last or too full of bacon and bread to think of fruit? Breakfast is an art form. Treat yourself to a breakfast out. And tell me all about it.