A couple of years ago in a blog entitled ‘‘marketing masterclass, university-style’ one of my colleagues commented on the quality of the marketing campaigns employed by universities in their bid to woo the next batch of A Level students. I made a mental note to see if the same would apply when my son started his university selection process.  We are still in the latter stages of the university visits, but I have been similarly impressed by the quality of information provided by each university in the lead up to the visit, and the professional level of the event management on the day.  

Drawing other parallels with the events industry, I was interested to see some of the incentives/give-aways on offer, akin to the corporate goody bag.  After all, everyone loves a freebie – mugs, chargers, and memory sticks always come in handy; vouchers for free coffee/cake, and even discounted rail travel are great money savers.  

However, Aberystwyth has certainly caught my son’s attention with the offer to attend the local team’s football match on Friday evening for free.  I have no doubt that, like my son, a lot of Saturday’s open day visitors will be travelling up the day before, so what a great way to experience a bit of local life and get a feel for what living in the area could be like before even hitting the university campus.  

Food for thought for every marketer – thinking about the demographic of your target audience and offering them something they really value will ensure that you are remembered long after your event.

We will have to wait to see how Aberystwyth rates when my son completes his final application, but hats off to them for making their visit a memorable one.