Oh dear, Steve Rowe. One lesson my mother taught me was that some things should never be said out loud. 

Buying personas are fictional representations of your customers. Your buying and marketing teams will no doubt make great use of the careful research you've done. But your PR teams should have cautioned you against revealing the persona-groups to your customers. 

In one teeny phrase, you've patronised your target customers and revealed what you think of them - married, old-before-their time, safe-dressers. Who need to be cherished ( what? ). 

Maybe you ignored the advice of your PR team. 

Perhaps it sounded better on paper. I doubt that. 

Hopefully the 50-year-old women of the UK will forgive you.

And maybe one day you will put all your white t-shirts together so that Mrs Freeman doesn't have to trawl round an entire store looking for them all.