It's a brave move indeed to launch a new national newspaper at a time when newspapers are losing circulation and closing. It's now closing after a handful of weeks due to poor circulation figures that were woefully short of the hoped-for 200,000. 

So what went wrong? And what lessons can marketers learn from its demise?

Well, it didn't have a real audience - market research figures indicated that there was a market for a paper that appealed to non-newspaper buyers. Gut feel should have told them that without a huge amount of marketing spend, you'd never convince non-newspaper buyers to buy a regular paper.

As for marketing spend, there seemed to be very little of that. I bought it for a week and was aware of its launch but I don't recall there being a sustained campaign to market the newspaper. 

But the biggest failure has to be about relevance. It's a newspaper at heart, yet the production schedule meant that it had to be printed early every evening. Which meant no breaking news and no late sports results. 

Leicester City won the league this week in one of the biggest sports-news story we've ever seen. And it didn't make it into New Day. That's poor.

A bold idea, executed badly. Goodbye.