Latest stats show that 90% of marketing spend is on outbound marketing vs 10% on inbound marketing. While I don't necessarily agree that this should be flipped (as suggested by HubSpot) but that truly integrated marketing campaigns should include a good mix of both. 

Inbound marketing is however a growing asset for marketeers and can't be ignored. 70% of the buying process happens online. With costs generally lower for inbound marketing activities and prospects coming to your website, it's definitely worth investing in. Inbound marketing is all about attracting visitors through search, social media and content marketing. 

In my view, inbound marketing is really just using a different set of tools to extend the reach of your content and providing the right content at each stage in the buying cycle. In end, it all boils down to having relevant and engaging content that you can use to support search, social, videos, webinars and other educational external means to help people find you.

HubSpot is doing some fab work educating businesses about inbound marketing and the benefits of it. Check out LinkedIn SlideShare for helpful online tutorials and of course a bit of promotion for HubSpot to boost its own inbound marketing.