I recently went to a round table seminar run by the #EventProfs Network, where we discussed differentiating between free and paid for live events and why people do or don't attend both.  

We’re all so busy these days.  For event management people, this means it’s getting harder to tempt potential delegates away from a stacked workload to attend a conference or networking breakfast.  So it’s more important than ever to show value to your audience, and be 100% clear why your event is must-attend.  

And if your conference is free, doesn’t mean there is no cost to it.  You’re asking your guests to give up their valuable time to come along.  They need to get something out of the experience.  Plus there’s an opportunity cost to your business for marketing the event – including the price of time not spent on other lead-gen activities.

Whether it’s minimising drop outs, demonstrating value to sponsors or showing ROI to management, understanding what your delegates and your business want to get out of the event is the key.