Technology can make delegate experiences' so much better when it all goes to plan.

We have many excellent experiences with innovative event technologies. However, innovation in a live event environment can be a risky business. Therefore, we always implement a back up plan for any technology failures to ensure there isn't a horrible mess in a live environment. Plan for the worst and deliver the best experience to delegates on the day. 

What's our list for ensuring event technology doesn't trip you up?

1. WIFI - Checking the venue's Wifi is essential. 

2. FIREWALL - We are often asked to do pop-up events at a variety of locations. If the host site has a firewall, the technology must be checked within that environment.

3. DEVICES - You can't assume everyone in your audience has the same set up as you, check any mobile event tech on i-phone, i-pad, android, blackberry etc.

4 PROMOTE WIFI CODES - if your event relies on people using the Wifi then promote this at registration and create lots of signs with all the log in details. This will save you lots of time and make for a smoother experience.

5. SHOWREEL AND SHADOW REEL - Always take a showreel with you. If you have cool polling technology on your main presentation showreel, consider taking a shadow  version without the interactive slides. That way, if something catastrophic happens to the internet connection, you can go back to a version of the presentations that don't rely on it.  

6. VIDEO - never rely on wifi for any video elements of presentations. Get the videos properly embedded in your showreel and shadow reel if applicable.

We are always looking for new event technologies that meaningfully help us to

Collect the right information

Connect the right people

Collaborate with the audience 

Co-create interesting content.  

With events forming the major line item of spend in the B2B marketing budget and content marketing being the second - we are consistently striving to unify these two significant elements and use events as a springboard for year round campaigns that have greater relevancy and insight.