A recent GAP kids clothing advert has sparked controversy around passive racism through the positioning of the girls in the shot. In light of the public reaction the company is withdrawing the advert.

Some commentators have compared the image in question with an older advert where there is a different positioning. 

With one glance, a key difference between the older ad and the current one  is the girls' attitude. 

Whatever side of the race debate you take,  it is clear that the current advert lacks all of the sass and personality of the older advert. The current kids look bored. Are they supposed to be serene and yoga zen? Apart from the upside down girl, they look pretty miserable. 

Are these passive, physically contorted, bored creatures what it means to be a girl today? Is this what GAP is selling Western girls? In retrospect, it looked pretty cool being a girl who could afford to buy GAP clothes in the 90s - knee socks, girl power, skateboards and attitude. Surely GAP would do better if they crank up the Cyndi Lauper at the photo shoot next time  - Girls (of every demographic) Wanna Have Fun.