Today's report on 'Delivering the Benefits of Digital Healthcare' is another sign that people within the NHS are looking for ways to make the service sustainable. There are no magic beans, no single initiative that alone can save the service, but with pockets of passionate agitators across job titles in the NHS, all striving for something better - there is hope within health care. 

The report follows last week's First NHS Conference on Sustainability, Access and Patient Flow.  It was one of the most inspiring and hopeful events I have ever been part of. 

The NHS is a big beast of an organisation. Creating meaningful and lasting change requires a fusion of people, process and technology. And it takes passion. Last week we heard  from a diverse, cross function group of nurses, surgeons, administrators and porters all innovating for sustainable change within the NHS.  These people routinely save lives and yet still have the passion to pour their wisdom and experience into the health of the service itself. 

Technology is not a silver bullet but you put it in the hands of the right people, and we can start to build a path forward for our health system in the UK. And if people within the NHS want to tell us how technology can help them - everyone in the tech industry should be listening.