Is traditional tech PR dead? Almost. 

You can no longer focus solely on creating news, pitching to the media or key influencers to secure a handful of 'credible' articles and blogs to help raise awareness and drive sales. You will not get noticed or make a dent in the sales target. Or at least you won't be able to prove it! Unless you work for Apple or another fab brand name of course.

The digital landscape has changed the future of PR forever and every PR professional needs to jump on-board or get left in the dust. How will you demonstrate the ROI of your campaigns if you don't go digital? There are so many channels available today to capture your audience. This is leading to an increasing overlap of digital marketing and PR. I'm sure the gloves will be on soon to fight for ownership of territories. 

Who owns social media and bloggers, who owns content syndication, who owns video, email and web? 

If PR doesn't start taking an active role to ensure its beautifully crafted messaging and content is integrated across all of these digital channels, it will lose the battle. If not succeeding through taking ownership of more digital channels, at least partnering more closely with digital teams to jointly measure impact.  

The future of tech PR in my mind will combine the role of PR and digital marketing where all content is shared across all channels available.