Today, Facebook carried out a roll out of its new 'reaction' buttons. After years of simply being able to 'like' a post, Facebookers now have an option of five emotions - angry, wow, sad, haha and love. This has come after a long request by users for the introduction of a 'dislike' button, which didn't make the cut as Facebook thought it was too negative.

So, besides allowing greater expression, what do these new emoji buttons mean? Well, Facebook will use these reactions to decide what shows more prominently on your newsfeed. If you use the angry button as a common reaction on a particular person or company, it will appear further down your feed. Companies will not have the ability to block angry reactions either. 

Facebook took a long time to develop these reactions, but the feature is expected to develop on the social network. Until, eventually, we'll be expressing all of our emotions simply by tapping a button.