These days, many music, sports, fashion and other live events sell out the minute tickets are released to the public. If you add distance, travel, time difference and cost to the mix, attending events by virtual reality seems like a good enough option. It's not exactly the same as being there but it's the next best thing I suppose.

Live streaming via a virtual reality app opens up new possibilities of exclusive content distribution giving performers the potential to reach a wider audience and allowing fans access to gigs they wouldn't otherwise be able to attend in person.

I still remember the days when people had to queue outside box offices to buy tickets - this was before online purchasing became the norm. And now virtual reality apps - which are multi-platform and can work on  Google Cardboard, iOS, Android and more - have the potential to simplify event attendance further, and in the process make the world a smaller place.

Nothing beats being at the actual event as this is still in my view the better, more exciting experience. But I'd settle for virtual reality without hesitation should live show attendance simply not be possible.