From social media platforms to big data, mobile, the Internet of Things and event applications, the pace at which new technologies appear is unrelenting and, unless an agile IT approach is in place, it will be difficult for marketing professionals to stay ahead and deliver the best possible service.

All these new technologies have created a great deal of new opportunities for marketers. However, not only do marketers need to invest in these new technical forces, they also need IT to help them fully grasp and take advantage of these opportunities. 

IT needs to be on the same page as marketing and provide an environment where new, innovative ideas can be tested and implemented. This way, marketing leaders will be able to innovate faster while selecting more technically sound solutions that will give them a competitive edge and help them better meet their customers' needs.

In a world where technology is constantly evolving, IT and marketing need to become fully integrated and grow at the same pace. The alternative is to allow your more progressive competitors to sit in the driver's seat, their next customer win potentially being your loss.