I send 49000 email a year, receive more than twice that number and yes - I am an emailaholic. 

Email is not even my preferred form of communication. If I could bend time and fit 186 calls or meetings into a day then I would. I like talking to people. I do my bit for the talking cause.

But I am not a Time Lord. So email it is. And WhatsApp and Twitter and Linked In and SMS. All the digital day long.

I was very pleased to read that not monitoring and organising email could be an actual sign of intelligence. Imagine that! I do my best to stem the tides and I kind of have a system that works for me. I answer all mail, so I am not as a rule an Ignorer, but I do ignore the number of now read mail that sit in my inbox. 

Recognising that, with the massive waves of communications that wash over us daily, any attempt to conquer your inbox will be as effective as trying to control a thunderstorm. I focus on the controllable. Keeping my inbox under 1000 is no longer within my control in this landscape. I love this interpretation for reasons that anyone who uses email as their primary workspace with 1000s of email in their inbox will understand.

But to all you Filer/Deleters out there, all you Storers - you're all brilliant too. Turns out we all use email as we use each of our gifts - aligned with our personality strengths.