How many times do we open websites to then decide to leave almost immediately? It can be because of the site being visually unappealing due to poor graphics and layout or because of the navigation menu not being user-friendly but, ultimately, it all comes down to our query not being satisfied without the need for us to go further into the site. We struggle to find what we are looking for - sometimes even locating the contact us page takes way longer than it should. We therefore decide to go somewhere else.

It is undisputable that not all website visitors are prospective customers and it is therefore not relevant to a business if they bounce. But losing a potentially actual lead for lack of a cleverly designed website that puts user experience and effective tracking first, is the result of poor decision-making.

Your website is a visitor's first glimpse into your business and first impressions count. You should make it easy for visitors to accomplish a task and, very importantly in this day and age, to access the site from a mobile device. Users will be more likely to make contact, engage, place an order, start a negotiation, come back and even recommend you.