It's always struck me as odd that people are prepared to pay £2.50 for a mediocre cup of coffee but reluctant to pay far less for a quality newspaper.This weekend’s news that The Independent will no longer be printed will send shudders through the newspaper industry, where all the papers are struggling to survive. Great content requires great journalists. And it requires budget and time to research and craft those stories.

But it’s not just the news industry that should be alarmed. All of us who pride ourselves on well-written content should pause for thought. There’s a constant pressure to churn out content to tight deadlines in order to support hungry marketing campaigns. But here too, you need the time and space to write a well-researched, well-written piece of work. 

As a daily newspaper buyer for over 30 years, I sincerely hope that the Independent will retain some of its fantastic team, like Middle East correspondent Robert Fisk. His 20 yearstint in Beirut has provided us with some of the best journalism in decades. 

We once had the greatest newspaper industry in the world – let’s not see it go into terminal decline because we're all reading free news snippets online.