I bought an iPad for my mother-in-law, as she had taken to her iPhone like a duck to water.  Having never used a computer, before we knew it, she was shopping and banking online as well as using it for catching up on TV. And then the iPad broke. Apple were excellent in helping us find the warranty and we got a replacement iPad from John Lewis. Only someone had already set up a passcode on what we thought was a brand new iPad. As I tried to resolve this I was told by a charming customer services person that I had to hook the iPad up to iTunes on a laptop to try and unlock it. "STOP right there!", I said.

In Europe, statistics show that most of us have more than two devices, but not everyone has or needs a laptop. Tablets are a real life line for older people and this must be reflected in the way they are supported. Not everyone has a genius bar on their door step and many older people use these devices because communicating online is a blessing to all those that find it hard to hear on the phone.  So for any customer services departments that support iPads, think about how older people can access your support services and don't expect iPad customers to have access to a laptop.