After Peyton Manning's second Super Bowl win, at the post game interview he told a reporter that he was going to "drink a lot of Budweiser" to celebrate.

With many companies paying $5million a pop for 30 second commercial spots, the marketing team at Budweiser were cock-a-hoop at this free endorsement. From a marketing perspective it was so compelling because it felt so natural.

In our B2B world we are lucky that natural endorsement is a very established part of the game. On countless occasions, we see senior execs from influential brands leaving their families, jumping on planes to come to conferences and talk about the brilliant experiences they have had with our customers. You always know when the case study has been game changing for the speaker, you know it is their absolute and natural delight to come and tell their success story.  

The best B2B brands tap into this natural evangelism, because natural endorsement can be the best marketing tool in the game.