A recent event campaign reminded me just how powerful a simple phone call or voice message can be. 

With more marketing emails being sent than ever before, it can be tricky to cut through the noise and make sure that the people you need to engage with actually receive your message.  Despite having reliable metrics on opens, click-throughs and registrations, what was needed was an informal chat to get the final pieces of information to bring the campaign together.  

And that’s where an old fashioned phone call really added value, allowing me to take the temperature of the campaign and answer any questions straight away, rather than through a series of emails. 

Just like email, of course, a phone call still relies on having the right data available to make the right contact.  I was lucky enough to have a clean list with the right numbers to call.  And different communication channels have their own strengths and weaknesses. It might not be so effective to give a lot of detail about a product or service over the phone, for example – but even in the 21st century, phone calls can still be a great way to have conversations and build relationships and continue to be a valuable part of the communications mix.