Alexa Chung is very very cool.  This is not my choice of adjective . I have been told that people of my age should never use it except in inclement weather.  This word now belongs to a different generation - so excited about M&S' collaboration with their fashion icon that they feel the need to emphasise the word.  And to those that fear the risk alienating the core M&S customer I would like to say that even at my age I fancy shopping somewhere that can provoke a bit of excitement. We used to call it ladies fashions after all and M&S' history is built on innovation for the mass market.  At 32, Alexa never appears to be trying too hard and looks just as good in flat shoes, sleeves and dresses - that is things we could all wear - as sky high heels. For me she represents the best of British fashion and so seems a perfect partner for our very British M&S.