Well here I am. On the train for 2 hours travelling to London. No hot water on today's service so no hot drinks. No wifi either - unless you pay £6.00

As a regular traveller on the Mancheser to Euston line I've taken a keen interest in all things HS2. We'll have 13 trains per hour from Manchester and a shorter journey by 20 minutes or so. Woohoo. But hang on, will we all be travelling to face to face meetings by 2030? Won't the connected world have moved on? I'm expecting meetings in my kitchen with hologrammed colleagues by 2030 - not another trip to London on a slightly faster train.

I haven't yet seen a sensible business case for it, nor an environmental case. And there doesn't seem to be a budget for it.

And I expect  that if I polled all the passengers on today's journey, they would rate a fast, free wifi service, a decent cup of coffee and spotless toilets, far higher than a faster journey. It's fast enough  - it's just not good enough. 

We'd all do well to remind ourselves that whilst customers like innovation, they also need a reliable service that delivers exactly what they need, now - and not in 15 years time.