While many small businesses are now wise to the effectiveness of marketing tools. However, unfortunately many are still making mistakes, either using the wrong tools or the right tools, but incorrectly - especially social media. 

Most are using it simply as a way to push a specific product or promotion, basically as a sales tactic. The world of social media marketing has moved far beyond this though, and it's no longer enough. Social media is most effective when it's used correctly, as a way of engaging with your customers and building the relationship with them. 

Social media is predominantly a tool to instigate conversations and create connections. If you're bombarding potential consumers with endless sales pitches, more than likely they'll ignore you and look elsewhere. 

Sure, it's great to be able to look at you company's Twitter and see that you have thousands of followers, but what does that really equate to? If you're really engaging with your target audience and fostering customer loyalty, surely that's a more worthwhile use of time?