Being the aunt of a deaf child, I found this article very interesting and uplifting.

It's good to see that in some instances social media tries to be inclusive of people with disabilities and becomes a medium for them to express themselves and feel less isolated.

In this particular case, Facebook is giving deaf people a voice - and an audience. 

Creating a status update on video using sign language is so much easier than writing a text because it emphasises the message by the use of facial expressions and hand movements. I had no idea that sign language had a different grammar and structure from the spoken and written word and that deaf people find it easier than written English (or any other language).

It is way too soon for my 2-year old nephew to start using social media and I don't know what new social platforms will be available by the time he's a teenager, but the knowledge that he may not find it so difficult to communicate with the wider world using the same 'stage' as everybody else is very encouraging.