Not only can we send man into space, we can now talk to them live on video, shortening the distance between us and them. 

The fact that the World Museum Liverpool will turn into a virtual classroom, that kids will be able to talk to Tim Peake while he is orbiting the earth and that the technology actually exists to make it happen, is often taken for granted but shouldn't. 

The kids will have the chance to share the astronaut's adventure which is rather impressive and, likewise, Tim Peake will most likely be thrilled to be joined and possibly not feel so far away from home, at least for the duration of the call.

I cannot think of a better medium than video to engage and feel like we are part of something happening right now. This is no different than having people attend - or even speak - at events while not really being physically there. Only we are not just talking about different time zones, we are talking about defying gravity!  

The live video Q&A session will be so much more memorable but also more engaging and will certainly stick on the kids' minds. Putting a face to a voice does that; it creates a connection and an interaction that is more personal and therefore more valued.