Really interesting story in Computer Weekly today on how True Religion are blending sales channels and building a really engaging customer experience in store with Demandware technology.

Providing multiple, engaging touch points in store is slowing down the customer journey to build deeper relationships between customer and brand.

Slow and engaging is a really interesting retail combination. As any consumer will tell you, slow and boring isn't ever going to work. 

However, there are really innovative ways to build one customer journey that works. It feels like a new retail art form to beautifully embroider and embellish the moments that matter in the buying cycle with detail that delights the customer. One of our clients Vee24 for example, is doing this brilliantly through engaging customer service through live video assistance online. The conversion results are astonishing.  

 True Religion is the best example i've seen coming out of the recent press coverage following the NRF event in New York last week.  I will be looking out for more moments of engaging 'slow retail' in 2016