As a PR chick, I'm always looking to target the top media influencers. Something along the lines of the 80/20 rule. If you can secure coverage in the top 20, the remaining 80 will pick it up. But how do you know who the key influencers are? There are so many tech sources out there from nationals, to IT trades, analyst reports and blogs. It makes it really tough to know the handful to focus on. About 10 years ago, we measured influence of the tech media by circulation numbers or surveys to our target audience. Since social media, it's harder to measure! 

Apollo Research's managing director, Richard Laven, has done an excellent analysis using social media. His analysis highlights the most influential tech writers, based on the following they have from other tech writers. Richard ranks tech writers by 'reach amongst UK based technology writers'. Top three include Rory Cellan-Jones, Charles Arthur and my favourite - Tim Bradshaw from our RSA Conference days! A further ranking is based on other sources influencing tech writers  - interestingly all media sources.

A great asset to help tech PR bods review their target press list and focus their energy on the latest list of tech influencers in the media.

Thanks Apollo Research!