Eight years ago we didn't have Netflix. The subscription based TV munching service has transformed the way we consume TV and Movies. It has also turned the business model for media content on its head. Its success is based on people knowing what they like and having the choice to consume it on demand. So how do we give people their fill of interesting business content in a way that nourishes the modern workforce? 

You don't have to be Einstein to figure out that people are getting a lot more picky.  But there remains a hunger to be nourished and satisfied by relevant business content. 

One of Netflix's competitors, Hulu offers great choice but you get some adverts. For B2B marketers its interesting to consider how that balance of content and advertising works. We'd all probably prefer not to see the adverts but there are commercial realities to paying movie stars salaries that we currently tolerate. However, as business content consumers we want nourishing digital duvets, not advertisers spun sugar.  You don't always need to hire in huge production crews and big name stars to create nourishing business content, so in business there is far less tolerance to being  bombarded by straight out adverts.  

The key here for creators of business content is to understand the way people consume on demand. The content delivers what they need in the moment. Very simply, we need to ensure that business content is satisfying. If Netflix is the sugary addictive treat at the end of a long day at work, could we as business marketers be delivering a daily diet of very relevant, career nourishing content?  The calorie count isn't in the length of the piece, we need to be better at distilling the complex into the simple and packing in super nutrients that power understanding. Creating content that is relevant, easy to find, in the moment and helping the evolution of knowledge.  We have to find different ways to be of value to evolve with the changing expectations of new audiences.