Robots – let’s just all admit that they are now a thing and it’s happening whether you like it or not.

Before some theorist runs away with this week’s headlines, filling our heads with panic that in a few days’ time the world is going to end due to some AI takeover in the US, let’s round up some of the robotic stories for this week:

  • So far we've been told that by 2020, 5.1 million, predominantly admin, jobs will be replaced by robots – A MASSIVE opportunity for recruiters and many e-learning organisations. As we say here at JD, ‘hit the ground running’ get your campaign hats on and start making some noise.
  • It’s another ‘New Year, New Me’ thanks to NutriRay3D, a smartphone accessory that scans your food and tells you that the chocolate cake staring at you is not ’99 calories or less’. This accessory is available for pre-order now, so I’d get yours quick before dieticians across the world have stocked up.  
  • A few things to do with drones, the standard ‘driverless’ business.  If I'm being really honest I don’t think this will grab my attention until I can fly one around without getting a fine. I suffer from enough parking tickets as it is. Having said that, I'm still talking about the ‘Emily Robot’ being used by Greek coastguards to help bring refugees to shore safely.
  • Before we unleash robots into households worldwide, we have to set some boundaries – including the importance of the word ‘no’. Can you teach common sense?  
  • And finally, it looks like housewives are soon to be fired as it looks like Google’s Atlas is now aiming for the cleaning industry. Yes, Google’s Atlas robot has been taught to do household chores! Granted – Atlas is only sweeping up, but we all have to start somewhere right?

I conclude:

We’re all good until Monday morning; the robots aren't taking over just yet.