People are forever running from the idea of robots. They feel threatened by the very thing their race allowed to be possible. Are we right to be this scared?

I would argue that, if used in the right way, it could enhance the human race. People are already closer to this than they think. For example, I currently spend my life on my phone on Facebook talking to one of my best friends who is currently in Japan on a placement - the power of technology and social media. Having a smartphone means you automatically have all the knowledge in the world at your fingertips. I know this because I used it on the train this morning to grab the article from the newspaper - I also know for a fact that if the copy/paste function didn't exist I would not have room to cut out the article and stick it in a scrapbook to document its existence as people in the olden days did, and that's because another magical technology of trains allow so many people to travel very quickly to their desired destination whilst invading as much personal space as possible.

I digress. My point is, people may be scared of this ultimate half human half robot race, but due to the pace technology is evolving every second, are we really that far away from it ourselves right now?

So really, nothing much to be scared about. (Unless you have a phobia of funny cat videos.)