Amidst all the talk about man v machine and robots taking over our jobs, I cannot help but think that, if there is one area where I’ll always prefer dealing with human beings, it is customer service.

While I love the convenience and straightforwardness of shopping for items online for instance, no internet experience can truly match the personal experience of being helped by a shop assistant and of talking to another human being I can see and engage with in conversation. 

Unless, of course, a retailer offers its online customers theoption to talk to someone from customer services via live video. Imagine how simplified - and personalised - the whole browsing, selecting and purchasing process would be if someone could advise you while you are online shopping for a specific product.

Online customer service that matches the experience I’d receive in-store is in my view superior customer service, because it combines the convenience of online shopping with the warmth and reassurance of human interaction.