Technology has improved so many aspects of modern life. Yet increasingly I feel jaded by my phone. Any time saved using technology feels immediately absorbed by the inexorable noise of a digitally connected world. In all the excited chatter about the benefits of digital disruption to products and services, I feel personally disrupted. It is time for action, and I am choosing a digital detox - but what will be my detox regime?

Like a nutritional detox, I plan to disconnect entirely for a period of time and then re-introduce technologies one at a time to test my reaction to them. The ultimate goal is to embrace what it useful, put more control around digital noise and discard anything unproductive.

As a business owner, a lengthy digital detox could prove to be career suicide. However, working in a creative industry I feel more space for creative thinking will be a great benefit. Starting with a 48 hour weekend digital detox seems like a sensible start.

As of 0.00 hours on Saturday my phone, ipad and laptop will be off limits. Working in PR, I am a news junkie so I will be buying the weekend papers. There will be no netflix, no internet shopping, no generalised googling or wiki fact checking. If I need to know how old Terry Wogan is or why the people on Strictly Come Dancing are famous, then it will have to wait. I will not be able to moan about anything on Twitter. I have bought polaroid film for my camera as i can't contemplate going 48 hours without taking a picture of my children if they are doing something funny.

On Monday I will start by slowly reintroducing each device, one at a time to see which is most toxic before i appraise what to do with this knowledge. I want to be in harmony with the machine again and unplugging feels like the best way to find this balance.

how long could you last? what would you miss most?

More news on Monday.