When I go to a Trade Show, I feel a little like Goldilocks as I seek out something that feels just right for me. As an event organiser, I appreciate all of the huge amounts of work, time and money that goes in to being an artful exhibitor.

However, in a world of personalisation I find myself wondering if there is a better way to get something 'just right' for an audience than herding people through a massive trade show hall where not all of the content is easily digestible.

At JD we feel that segmenting an audience and curating a more personalised experience is an interesting way to go. Making a decision on purchasing technology is about more than the technology, there are some really important human elements around building trust. When you are out at an event you are also shopping for ideas and inspiration.

That's where our idea for The Tiny Little Trade Show came from. Our first session focused on one of the most time strapped group of individuals out there - the B2B Marketer.

There is a massive proliferation of marketing technology.

The space is just exploding. Some of it is relevant to everyone, but much of it

isn’t. Busy B2B marketers don’t have time to wander trade show

halls and research everything that might be just right for their inner Goldilocks.

In the absence of a shrink ray, we

want to miniaturise content to a consumable size, keep things well paced and

relevant to maximise time out of the office.

Tiny Little Trade Shows are short, highly curated sessions

where we bring 6 or 7 of the coolest, most relevant and inspiring technologies

under one roof. Some things that you can use right away, and some things that

might just dramatically re-shape your thinking. From the events we organise

with our clients, we know that people come to an event shopping for some fresh

thinking. So our speakers and contributors are all people who work in the

marketing and technology space and have some interesting insights to offer.

We had a lively, 2 hour session at The Groucho Club with a

slice of presentations and then a speed networking session where we turned the

room into a tiny little trade show offering insightful workshops around

practical advice and innovation.

And then we had drinks.

To register your interest in our next Tiny Little Trade Show drop me a line at emmaq@jdmarketing.co.uk

There will be dancing robots.