Yesterday I met my first robot. Surprisingly, this was in a business environment at JD Marketing's Tiny Little Trade Show. Robotic pioneers Robosavy presented The Double, a robotic unit that enables individuals to virtually attend events all over the world using 'virtual' versions of themselves. Very cool.

The Tiny Little Trade Show focused on technology that embraces the human and builds more opportunities for human to human interaction - with technology in all forms enhancing, rather than replacing humans.

Robots can indeed improve our lives in a business context. For example, Linked In use Doubles as a way for those working from home to have a physical presence in the office.

Whether any of our 50 strong community of B2B Marketers will use robotics in the near future remains to be seen - but we all had fun playing with the Double along with other virtual and augmented reality technologies.

The press yesterday were talking about how robots don't do flat pack (I don't blame them!) after a bunch of robots struggled to assemble a piece of IKEA furniture. However, what we saw at The Tiny Little Trade Show was how they can support new ways of doing business in a B2B environment.