Would you feel concerned about having a package delivered to your home via drone?

36% of respondents in this week's survey from Give as you Live, say they’d be worried about theft.

Would that worry you? It seems to be a legitimate concern with 5% of respondents saying they would consider stealing packages from doorsteps!

When the drones come, and according to Jeff Bezos, they are coming – what will this mean for the whole delivery ecosystem? Are there other businesses that can spring up around this?

Creating a new kind of mailbox that the drone can drop items into might be one new business opportunity. As that might discourage theft – and also open up more choice around grocery deliveries if it were, for example, a chiller box. It is fun to start imagining how this type of delivery innovation might re-shape shopping experiences.

At the moment, Amazon is only talking about lighter parcels. I suppose there are safety concerns if heavier items start raining from the sky.

Overall, I feel that this is a greener way to manage the supply chain and for that reason, I'm fascinated to see how it pans out. However, on my street there's a tough gang of cats and no living birds in site. I wonder how cat-proof these low flying drones will be?