I can't wait to try shopping with Microsoft's HoloLens.

The ability to virtually try clothes on without leaving my living room will be a brilliant innovation. I love internet shopping but one of the main reasons my friends and colleagues say they don't love it, is the hassle of sending things back. As any true Asos junkie knows, they've made the returns process super easy, but it is still a barrier for some when entering into the internet shopping world.

Augmented reality will mean three key things for the shopper:

1.Massive convenience, being able to try on clothes and style outfits themselves at home.

2. Not having to bother with unpacking, trying on, rejecting and returning physical items will also save them time and effort

3. A deeper feeling of engagement with brands that offer this experience

For the retailer there will be many more ramifications, but here's some I find interesting.

1. retailers will be able to track more data on what items are discarded and why. this will feed into sizing, ranging and marketing

2.there will be more opportunities for styling and up selling. the role of the virtual retail assistant will be about building looks instantly with a customer and gaining deeper insight at the same time

3.returns will be reduced.This could ultimately have massive implications and cost savings in the supply chain. savings that can be invested in future innovation around the shopping experience

There are so many innovative things happening in the area of augmented and virtual reality. This is something that i can see really working well for every fashion shopper.